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Root canal retreatment in Amarillo, TX
Root canal retreatment in Amarillo, TX

Root Canal Retreatment (Endodontic Retreatment) in Amarillo, TX

A Second Chance for a Tooth Following Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is an effective way of removing infected dental pulp inside of a tooth. However, sometimes a tooth may not heal properly after root canal treatment is performed. If you have undergone root canal therapy in the past and require retreatment, Dr. Steffan Scherer can treat the affected tooth at our office in Amarillo, TX. Contact Full Smile Endodontics today if you have been referred to an endodontist for retreatment or are experiencing pain following root canal therapy.

When Is Root Canal Retreatment Required?

Many teeth that are treated with root canal therapy last a lifetime with proper care. In special cases, a tooth does not heal as it should or develops a new infection, requiring retreatment. You may need endodontic retreatment if:

  • A new cavity forms that damages the crown and exposes the tooth to bacteria
  • There is a delay in placing the final crown or filling on the tooth during the initial procedure
  • There are additional or restricted portions of the root that were not initially treated 
  • The treated tooth has cracked or fractured 

Patients are able to tell when a previous root canal treatment has failed if they experience pain or sensitivity of the tooth. A fully developed tooth can survive without its dental pulp because the surrounding tissues provide nourishment. This means that your tooth may still have a chance at being saved and we can prevent the need for tooth extraction. 

What Happens During Root Canal Retreatment?

Prior to undergoing treatment, you will meet with Dr. Scherer for a consultation. We will take CBCT scans of your mouth to assess the state of your teeth and to create a treatment plan.

When retreating a tooth, Dr. Scherer will remove the crown on top of the tooth to expose the root canal. He will remove the existing filling material and clean all of the canals within the tooth. This is similar to the process of standard root canal treatment. 

After the inflammation or infection is clear, we will reshape the canals and fill them with a root canal filling material. If the canals are too narrow, endodontic surgery may be necessary to seal off part of the root’s tip. Finally, a restorative dentist will create and place a new dental crown or other restoration over the tooth to regain full function.

Frequently Asked Questions: Root Canal Retreatment

How long does root canal retreatment take?

Root canal retreatment takes about the same amount of time as a standard root canal treatment, which is about 30–60 minutes per tooth.

How long does the retreatment of an old root canal treatment take to heal?

Many patients recover from endodontic retreatment in a few days. The gums may be sore and you should stick to a soft food diet until they heal. 

Is it common to retreat after root canal therapy?

Root canal treatment is designed to prolong the life of a natural tooth and the results can last a lifetime with proper dental care. It is rare for a tooth to not heal properly or for an infection to return following thorough root canal therapy. However, an endodontic retreatment procedure provides your teeth with a second chance at remaining healthy. In the event of a failed root canal, you can trust our team at Full Smile Endodontics to do everything possible to save your tooth and improve your oral health.

Endodontic Treatment Centered Around Compassion and Comfort

Contact our office in Amarillo, TX, today to schedule an appointment with our skilled endodontist, Dr. Steffan Scherer. Our team is happy to answer any questions and get you started on the path to a healthier smile.