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3D imaging
3D imaging

CBCT Scanning

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an advanced imaging technology that allows dental professionals to view detailed, three dimensional images of a patient’s head, neck, mouth, and face. CBCT scans are extremely valuable to endodontists because they reveal anatomical structures of tooth roots and their pathways.

3D scans will help Dr. Scherer detect the exact location of the inflammation or infection, then formulate a treatment plan with great precision. At Full Smile Endodontics, we proudly use this advanced technology to produce better clinical outcomes for our patients.

The Benefits of CBCT Scanning

Cone beam computed tomography has improved the overall experience for both doctors and patients. This technology offers many advantages over more conventional imaging modalities, including:

  • CBCT scans expose the patient to lower levels of radiation than other CT scans
  • 3D scans provide more information than 2D dental X-rays, leading to more detailed treatment planning
  • Non-invasive, painless, and one scan is completed in seconds
  • CBCT equipment is smaller and less expensive than equipment found in outpatient surgical centers and hospitals
  • 3D scans can be viewed from virtually every angle

Dental CBCT Scans: What to Expect

During your first visit at our office, our staff will likely take CBCT scans. We will ask you to remove jewelry or metal, such as earrings or glasses, to make sure we get clear images with no interference. A member of our staff will position you at the machine, and it will rotate around you 360 degrees to quickly capture a scan.

Dr. Scherer will examine the scans of your teeth and evaluate the health of your tooth roots, as well as other oral and maxillofacial structures. After we have looked at your scans, we have a better understanding of your oral health plus any underlying conditions you were not aware of. Dr. Scherer will use these scans to create a detailed care plan for your endodontic treatment.

If you still need to schedule your consultation, please contact our office in Amarillo, TX, today.

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