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Post and Core Build Up in Amarillo, TX
Post and Core Build Up in Amarillo, TX

Post and Core Buildup

Preparation for a Dental Crown or Bridge

Post and core buildup is a type of dental restoration that prepares a tooth for future restoration. Sometimes, this procedure is performed after root canal treatment. Dr. Steffan Scherer performs the post and core procedure in the comfort of our office, where we make sure you feel comfortable and informed about your treatment at each step. Contact Full Smile Endodontics in Amarillo, TX, today if you have been referred for post and core treatment or to explore your endodontic surgery options.

What Is Post and Core?

Post and core buildup is performed by an endodontist with the goal of providing enough structure for a tooth to support a dental crown or bridge. When a tooth is severely decayed or following root canal treatment, there may not be enough tooth structure to support a traditional restoration. After post and core buildup, the tooth will have enough stability to support dental restoration, which benefits your entire smile.

During this procedure, Dr. Scherer will insert small rods into the root space within the tooth. These rods, often made of metal, hold the filling in place and give the tooth’s core more structure. Rods are typically inserted after root canal treatment to maintain the tooth’s integrity. Once a post and core buildup is performed, the crown should be placed as soon as possible for optimal results.

What Is Core Buildup?

Sometimes, a tooth does not require a full post and core buildup if the tooth has a healthy, strong structure. A core buildup is recommended if part of the tooth has broken or worn off as a result of decay or trauma. During this treatment, Dr. Scherer will rebuild the missing portion of the tooth using core buildup resin materials. Once the tooth has regained its shape and structure, the crown can be placed.

What to Expect During the Procedure

We will take CBCT scans during your first visit to our office so that we can view your teeth’s structures below the surface. On the day of your procedure, we will numb the area with a topical and local anesthetic to ensure maximum comfort.

If you are undergoing a post and core buildup procedure, Dr. Scherer will use a dental file to shape the top of the root canal and cement the metal post rod into place. Once inserted, he will fill the tooth with material to create a stronger core. This material is then shaped and prepared to receive a crown.

If you are undergoing a core buildup procedure, Dr. Scherer will prep the tooth by etching the tooth’s surface. This helps the resin form a more secure bond to the tooth. Then, he will apply the resin material to restore the tooth’s shape. This resin is carefully selected to match the color of your other teeth for natural-looking results.

The result of both of these methods is a structurally sound tooth that can support restoration. By having a post and crown buildup performed, you eliminate the chances of needing to extract the tooth completely.

Frequently Asked Questions: Post and Core Buildup

How long does a post and core buildup take?

A post and core buildup procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

Is a core buildup painful?

We use an anesthetic to numb the area so that you are as comfortable as possible during treatment. You will be awake during a post and core buildup procedure but will not feel anything.

Is a post needed after a root canal?

Post and core buildup is not always necessary after root canal treatment, but in many cases it is recommended to ensure a better outcome and improve the structure of the tooth. 

What foods should I avoid after a post and core buildup?

After your post and core buildup procedure, you will wear a temporary crown until your final crown has been created. During this time, avoid hard foods that could damage the temporary crown. Teeth that have undergone this treatment were previously weak and could break if you do not take special care until restoration is complete.

Endodontic Treatment Centered Around Compassion and Comfort

Contact our office in Amarillo, TX, today to schedule an appointment with our skilled endodontist, Dr. Steffan Scherer. Our team is happy to answer any questions and get you started on the path to a healthier smile.